Saturday, February 18, 2012

MISSING - Three Socks

Missing for two weeks and 5 laundry cycles, these three socks are nowhere to be seen and their partners are very lonely.

All efforts have been made to find the three missing socks. All chairs, couches, sofas, beds, laundry baskets, toy baskets, pockets, cupboards, shelves, bags, vehicles, appliances, etc. have been searched thoroughly. But no trace of the missing foot covers have been found.

The three sock partners have been keeping vigil on the living room table for two weeks...and they know that they are not part of the living room decor, therefore, would really like to be matched up and stuffed back into the drawer next to the knickers that they really, really miss.

If found, please return to their rightful owner...she REALLY wants to fold them up and put them away where they belong for good.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean I turned 40 twice

The night before my birthday I left with the hubs (who also shares the same birthday...really) for Hawaii.

I love flying and everything about air travel. But in my overly (probably unnecessary) kind-of-upset'ed'ness-about-getting-older obsession, I could not help but notice...

My seat belt - And how small it was from the previous passenger. I normally have to cinch it in to fit because someone bigger was just in the seat. But this trip (my holy crap I'm 40 trip), nope. I had to make that thing BIGGER! So automatically I assume some skinny young thing was last in there...Bitch. Life sucks, shoot me now.

Then comes the I-drank-a-bottle-of-water-before-boarding oopsy that came back to say hello half an hour in. This plane configuration has a small aisle just big enough to accommodate my rear without turning sideways to avoid knocking people with it (and I do not have a big rear!)

So genius me took the window seat which meant that I had to climb over hubby in the middle, and our aging row companion in the aisle to hit the loo. If I don't hit the loo, game over if I sneeze, or we hit turbulence.

My luck is that on the way back to the seat, bevvy service has started and the bevvy cart is just before my row so that I can't access it. I had to stand there with my butt head-level with the two occupied aisle seats for about 5 minutes waiting to pass. Air travel can give me get the picture. That was a long 5 minutes!

However, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, January 26 turned into January 27, and I turned 40. Then we hit a time zone and we went back two hours and I pulled a Benjamin Button and turned 39 again.