Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Halloween House

How do you know it's Halloween?

Houses are dress up in creepy, crawly, ghoulishness.

And if your house is like mine, your kids have put up anything that resembles the Halloween image, in any location they can reach, in a hodge podge manner, just because.

I've seen these "just because" decorations in a few houses. Odds and ends, bits and pieces, placed here and there with no thought to "decoration flow". I personally don't really care about this hodge podge mess of chaos. The kids are so excited about going out on Halloween night, so setting up their "decorations" makes them feel excited about this yearly event.

We've got spider webs blowing in the breeze, taped to the windows to stay put. Paper masks taped to the windows peeking out for anybody to see (given to the boys by a restaurant we were at last week as a kids take away toy), and about a weeks work of papers and flyers stuffed into plastic ghosts and pumpkins splattered all over the place.

These guys constantly rotate to face the house and stay that way, never looking out unless you manually turn them...only to turn back again. We got these at Ross in the States.

Off to the left of the picture is a bit of spider web that blows in the breeze. Every time it billows and I happen to be near the window, I catch a glimpse of this billowing string out of the corner of my eye, and I think there's someone outside my window.

This is what lights up the boys faces each morning.


KERRY said...

Those things hanging outside your front door would scare the *rap out of me!! Your kids did a good 'scary' job :)

Barbara said...

You go all out for halloween!! Love it!!