Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seriously, is there something hanging out my nose?

You know when you’re walking down the street and it seems like everyone you pass is staring at you?
This happened to me today on my walk at lunch. My first reaction was “is my fly open?” - discretely checking crotch area, making sure not to look like I’m scratching “the area” cuz I’ve got an itch - Fly is up!
Okay keep walking. And more staring.
Crap, is my make up smudged on my face - did I sneeze when my mascara was wet. No don’t think so, I would have noticed when I was in the bathroom before leaving for my walk…did I remember to actually look at myself in the mirror? -  Ya I think I did.
Jeez, I need to find a store pronto, that has a mirror I can look into….more staring.
For the love of Nancy, WHAT!!! Is there something hanging out my nose? - pretending to scratch my nose, secretly looking for loose boogers – sorry to be gross – that might be visible - Nope, nothing I can feel, and I’m PRETTY SURE I’d never leave my own house with boogers hanging out my nose.
…Okay, there’s a store…saunter in…nice shoes, good sale, those are pretty…move towards the mirror…grab a pair of shoes to pretend to examine…check self in mirror…
All good from what I can see.
Sales person asks me if I’d like her to find those shoes in my size. To which I reply “No thanks, I’m just checking to see if I have a booger hanging out my nose looking at the moment, thanks.
So why in the name of God does it seem that everyone’s looking at me. I can’t possibly be that worth looking at…could I?
People, you’re making me paranoid here.


HogsAteMySister said...

Don't worry. They are all just zombies looking for lunch... Your brain.

Mrs. Wacker said...

Sending some bloggy love from your new follower =)

Hope you can follow me back

Christa said...

thanks for linking up this week!

Love, Chelsea said...

Stopping by from Christa's blog hop. I would totally tell you if you had something in your nose!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the blog hop-
I just read your 'about me' and loved it! loved the woodland creatures, perfect family, smell of your house and especially, record scratching. Very funny. I like wine too (drinking a glass right now) and heading off to bed! Have a good weekend with your Prince and well behaved children!

Ixy said...

Maybe you were just looking extra hot that day? I once did a gym class feeling all sexy cuz these guys were checking me out...they were staring because the snaps on the side of my workout pants had come undone and you could see me underwear. Nice.