Thursday, November 3, 2011

Questionable Halloween Candy

Like any kid who went out on Monday night Trick or Treating, my two came home with a haul of goodies fit for a King.

I'm sure you're like me - the bags get dumped out on the floor and I literally sort through each and every one to ensure they're safe. I don't question my neighbourhood, necessarily. Each and every house we go to is totally fine and most have kids who either go to our elementary school or the one up the road.

The problem I have is with what goes through some folks minds when "preparing" their Halloween treats. The word preparing is a problem here. What's there to prepare? You open a box of Mars Bars, dump them into a bowl and put them at your front door.

But every year there's that one person who decides to go-that-extra-mile-for-the-kids and puts loose candies into individual bags that are decked out with all manner of spookiness, tied up with ribbons and bows (and repeat this process 100 times).


Loose candies?? (shaking my head) and off to the trash they go. What a waste.

Loose jelly beans, loose jube jubes, loose Skittles??


First of all your dirty, nasty hands have touched those loose candies and I don't know where they've been!

Second, and this is going back to my days of Trick or Treating 30 years ago, any fool knows about candy safety unless they are deliberately wanting to harm a child (I curse you whoever you are).

So why would you even bother to do this. Is it to save money? Really?

I get the whole "it's the thought that counts" thing, but in this case, there is no thought. It's just sheer stupidity.


Jenny said...

yeah I don't get it either. they take so much time doing it and I throw it away too. ugh!

Thanks for linking up :)

kristie said...

haha, i couldn't agree more! just found you through Jenny's blog hop. joined via GFC.

hope you can stop by and check out my blog as well. xo

Mommy Inconsistent said...
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Mommy Inconsistent said...

Whoops! Deleted my comment by mistake...I knew I was tired, but that's ridiculous. Anyways, I was saying...I threw out a couple of nicely wrapped bags myself that contained jelly bellies. And I LOVE jelly bellies. It was sad. Stupid and sad.

Heather said...

I'm right there with you! Can't stand it, leave them in the 'fun sized' packages. They're specifically designed for that!! Found you from the Favorite Friday Blog Hop, now following.


Heather said...

Oops, I put the wrong blog address.

Barbara said...

yup, don't get it. Even when I was a kid you didn't do it, why do it now?