Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where did all these idiots come from?

Watching the evening news this evening, there were two stories that had me wondering out loud "How can you be so stupid? You have to be an absolute moron...??? Speechless"

The first story was of a Vancouver Island motorcycle rider who decided it would be cool to film his bike going 300 KM/H on an Island highway, then - get this - post it to Youtube!

What would possess you to think that you would never be caught? Or that the police would just look this over and not pursue looking for you and pressing criminal charges?

You f%&king moron. Your reaction time to any potential obstacles (sudden lane change of a car perhaps?) has dropped to the levels of "never going to happen" when you drive at that speed.

And not to mention, for those of you reading this, that idiot could cause an accident that you or a loved one could be involved in and potentially killed in.

The other story, not quite so dangerous, but stupid nonetheless, came out of Kelowna. A bunch of grade 12 students (and I gather they do this every year), decked themselves out in balaclavas and toy guns and proceeded to go and kidnap their friends (at "gun" point). Of course this alerted the citizens who see masked men, with guns, in the dark, forcing someone into a car, so they call the police.

Really? What happened to hanging a VW Beetle over a bridge (or the school like we did). No gun, no face masks, just an obvious prank that does not mislead anybody and get the cops involved (and away from real crime).

I don't know. Maybe it's old age now. Any idiotic behaviour makes me wonder what class of society gave birth to these goons. I know, harsh, but if they can risk our lives, then they are lower class as far as I'm concerned.

Go find a safer hobby people!

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