Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things I Hate

Just random peeves...

1) When my sock(s) slowly creep their way off my heal and toward the front of my foot. I hate it even more when I'm wearing long boots and can't fix the situation quickly.

2) That hardened semi-dried plug of moisturizer (soap, lotion, etc.) that prevents the moisturizer (soap, lotion, etc.) from coming out but then finally dislodges with a squelch, followed by more-than-you-needed-in-the-first-place moisturizer (soap, lotion, etc.).

3) When there are PLENTY of free double seats on the bus and the next passenger to board JUST HAS TO sit beside me.

4) When there are PLENTY of parking spots all over the place and someone JUST HAS TO park right beside me.

5) When some arse thinks his Nissan Pathfinder is small enough to fit into a parking spot specifically designed for a Smart Car (because it actually says "Smart Car" on the spot), so I, in the Smart Car, has to find a different spot specifically made for a vehicle the size of a Nissan Pathfinder. What...?

6) When the TV listings states that a specific show is on at that time on four different channels, but in fact something completely different is on all four of those channels (and I've been waiting all week to watch that show)

7) When I go to my bottle of red wine to pour myself a glass only to find it empty. Like who leaves an empty bottle of wine on the counter...? Oh me.

8) When I've just started to snuggle down in to an "almost-sleep-oh-so-cozy-sleep-is-almost-here" then I realize I have to pee and I have to get up out of my oh-so-cozy state.

9) Getting schooled by the little red squiggly lines that keep appearing under various words I type, that are telling me I've spelled the word wrong...and the fact that it takes me a while to figure out what's wrong with the word.

10) Bullies. Totally HATE them!


Barbara said...

#" and 4 drive me absolutely crazy too!

James Parker said...

I hate when the person sitting in the desk in front of me floppes there hair all in my face becuase then i have to interuped class and say " stop flopping you dirty old greesy hair all up in my face "