Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spelling test, provincial capitals, and an unfortunate city name

Yesterday M had a playdate with a friend. As both boys are in the same class, they get the same spelling words.

Before the playdate was about to end, I decided to quiz them both on their spelling words. The words were Canadian provinces and their capitals.

So it went something like this...

British Columbia - boys get busy writing on their papers

Victoria - tongues hanging out in concentration

Ottawa, Ontario, Edmonton, Alberta, and so on we went.

Saskatchewan - okay, ready for the next word, I ask?

Regina - ....sniggers and snorts coming from my child

They say the word again and "look" at each other and burst out laughing.

V-Regina blurts out my kid.

That's a girl part, ahahaha, hee hee, V-Regina...!

Oh boy.

Okay funny, haha. Yes, Regina sounds like Vagina. And I'm sure every resident of Regina has heard it before three times over.

I can just imagine the spelling test today at school and all the boys erupting in giggles when the teacher says Regina...