Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seriously... STOP!!!

Okay here's what I don't get, and it's been bugging me for a while whether the kids are in or out of school, but really had my blood boiling the other morning when I was trying to help my kids cross the street to walk down to school...

Why do cars NOT STOP at a marked cross walk when there are children trying to cross the street?

It seems like it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out:

  • 8:30 in the morning...check
  • Sept. 7 first day back at school after labour day...check
  • Two schools in the neighbourhood that if you're driving along the street you probably know about...check (if you don't you're an idiot)
  • Children walking with large backpacks hanging off their backs...check
  • Same children stopped at a marked cross walk....

Uhm, so the answer would be STOP YOUR F%&!#ING CAR to let the kids cross the street?? I don't know, seems like the correct answer to me.

Unlike some of my American friends, in my neighbourhood we don't use school buses, in fact the only school buses that I know of are for private schools. It's just not done here. We have sidewalks EVERYWHERE and they get used. (No offence to my American friends, I'm just stating a fact - love you all)

Kids walk, ride their bikes/scooter (lazy one's get a ride three blocks - pathetic) to school. It's what we do.

So why is it that I have to stand out in the middle of the road with my arms out, screaming like a lunatic for the cars to stop (embarrassing my 12 year old...yes apparently I have to help my 12 year old cross a street so he doesn't get hit) making a complete ass out of myself, with a mini van bearing down on me, then slamming on the breaks, tires skidding ( weren't going to stop I guess??).

I'm at a loss here folks. I quite simply don't get it.


Victoria KP said...

Drives me bats&*& crazy--that and people not stopping for a bus with its lights flashing. A family friend got hit crossing in front of a bus with it's lights flashing last year. He needed 80 stitches in his leg. EIGHTY!

I have to believe in Karma and these people will be paid back for their selfish & stupid ways.

voiceBoks said...

Sadly, no matter how you try to imbed things like this in people's heads, you will still have idiots like this. I'm sure they aren't parents either.

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Lexie Lane

Ciao Mama's said...

I know same shit here it is crazy I have had people almost hit me and my babies stroller trying to cross the street we walk everywhere. Let em tell you there have been some choice words!

Barbara said...

It's just as bad here and I just don't get it! Even when I have a crosswalk with a light I still get the idiots that are trying to turn right and run me and my son over. Drives me crazy! I joke to my husband that I'm going to let them hit me just once and then sue them for stupidity!