Thursday, August 11, 2011

Epic Vacation Part 2B

...we hit a bird.

So we're driving back from Edinburgh to St. Andrews after a day of climbing all around the Edinburgh Castle, walking down the Royal Mile, having a peek inside the Edinburgh Dungeon (we didn't go in cuz we don't pay for stuff like that, too 'spensive), checking out the haunts of Detective Rebus (Ian Rankin books).

We get over the Firth of Forth bridge, no problem, pretty views. Kids are quiet (could be the slogging around behind Mom and Dad that has done them in).

We're on the motor way, and I'm dozing as I usually do when hubby is driving, when BHAM!

I got jolted awake *thinking to myself, we're in a rental car, that my parents are paying for, what the fuck was THAT!!

Hubby saw this pterodactyl fly up past the driver side, couldn't swerve because we're doing 100 on the motor way. Car still sounds okay, no weird noises coming from engine, so let's pray to GOD that there's no damage and continue on our way.

We get back to the house and survey the damage.

ACK. Round bit on the bumper is missing next to the license plate along with some bird blood.

So hubby comes up with a plan. He phones a BMW dealership in Dundee and orders the round part and matching paint. We go the next day to pick the parts up (and pop into the shops - Primark specifically - because we just happen to be in the area).

Hubby fixes up the parts, takes pictures for an insurance claim he's going to file when we get home. Then we drop off the car back to the rental place and...

Hubby to the rental agent: "yeah dude this piece fell off so I'm putting it back into place now...see there, it's back in place, all done"

We didn't let on about the accident because then they'd start looking for more damaged parts on the bumper.

£40 for parts vs. the messing around we'd get from the dealership had they known about the bird, not to mention extra money being handed over to them.

*Damn them Scottish birds are big


Chrissy said...

lol, remind me to keep a look out for the big damn birds in Scotland if I ever get to go!

I popped over to say hey from Rockin Mama's blog stalk ;)

Michelle said...

Eeeek!! Wait a minute, your rental car was a BMW?

Jenn said...

Ugh... sounds icky! I think having an animal run into your car is one of the WORST driving experiences ever! The first time I ran over a skunk I came home sobbing and my mom thought I had crashed the car or something... she totally panicked. Then she found out I had just run over an animal and told me I was making a big deal over nothing. All I could think of was "I killed a living thing! I'm a horrible person!!!"

LOL Anyway, I'm following back from the blog hop -- thanks for stopping by Misadventures in Motherhood and commenting on "I Pee Myself." It's always good to know I'm not alone! Hehe...

Have a great day! Looking forward to reading more!

Smiles, Jenn