Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Epic Vacation Part 2C

How to get Internet in St. Andrews

When I asked my Mom if there were Internet cafes in St. Andrews, Scotland and she said no. I kind of didn’t believe her. I mean, come on, it’s 2011. Who doesn’t have an Internet cafe?

St. Andrews, Scotland doesn’t. She wasn’t kidding!

The FEW places who did have WIFI (and I mean I can walk faster than their WIFI speed), were temporarily “not working right now”.

How the heck do people send emails in this town!!

We needed to get onto Internet somewhere because we needed to do some online booking for flights we were taking for the remainder of the trip (you can only do this a certain amount of days ahead).

We eventually found a place, The Victoria Bar and Cafe. Slower than a snail moving at high speed, but we’ll take it. We went in once, ordered beer and used their Internet, but for the remainder of our stay in St. Andrews, Internet went something like this…

  • Hubby races into town with the car and looks for a spot in the pay parking.
  • Hubby pays for one hour of pay parking.
  • Hubby races to The Victoria Bar and Cafe.
  • Hubby plonks his derriere down on the rock wall opposite The Victoria Bar and Cafe
  • Hubby holds laptop up in the air and waits for a signal.
  • Hubby finds signal and types away as fast as he can before he loses it.

This is hubby “using the internet” in St. Andrews. Gotta love it!

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Barbara said...

This is us when we are on vacation! Wifi is hard to come by in some places!