Saturday, August 20, 2011

Epic Vacation Part 3 - Mom Fail

To Ibiza, Spain we went.

Seriously, once you're over in Europe, getting around is so cheap. It cost us £10.99 plus tax each to get from Edinburgh to Ibiza. No wonder the place was teaming with Brits/Scots.

Nothing terribly exciting happened in Ibiza. We stayed at an all inclusive up in Sant Miquel FAR FAR away from the partay'ing. After all it's kind of hard to party with kids in tow.

We sat by the pool, sat by the beach, ate lots, played pool, ate ice cream...oh yeah, and drank quite a bit too.

Hmmm, oh yeah, I got drunk on the first day there. Okay so I wanted to try all the different little drinks the hotel was offering. Yellow, orange, blue and green. All pretty colours filled with vodka. Top that with the heat and not enough water, I was pretty much over by about 6PM.

Okay, by "over" I mean curled on the bed, wet bikini still on, face squashed into the pillow, drool draining out my mouth, and uttering incoherent curses to anybody who would feel sorry for me (hubby sure wasn't). Total MOM FAIL!!

So needless to say, no dinner for me that night. Hubby took the boys up to the buffet all alone and left me to pray that the band playing in my head would stop and that the hotel would cease spinning around me.

This is the first day. Me drinking the yummy yellow drink....all downhill from there.

So that was the only noteworthy thing that happened in Spain. No birds were hit by cars like in Scotland. No illegal pictures were taken like I did at the Tower of London. And we were able to get Internet too at the hotel.

These are ma'boys enjoying the pool.

Our hotel from the other side of the beach.

 I can knock Spain of my Been There list.

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Barbara said...

Too funny! I did that right after I gave birth to my first son. I went out to lunch with some friends and some wine later I was smashed! Luckily the hubs was still sober to take me home and take care of the baby in the middle of the afternoon!