Friday, August 26, 2011

I Turned 15

I just recently celebrated 15 years of incarceration at my company (I mean that in a good way) and for my services I received a very nice watch. A Citizen Eco-Drive. Very nice and I'm ever so grateful. It's a total pleasure to work for my company.

However, this morning, my department put together a nice little "morning treats" party for me and presented me with a card that was created from scratch. Inside the card was what you'd expect, written comments from everyone. Very nice comments and I work with the best group of folks EVER.

But also inside the card were a list of things about me that everyone thought up, things that I have done, or represent, etc. I thought I'd share them because they're really cute:

She's a great writer, a great blogger and a great mom - to her children both at home and at work

She remembers everyone's birthdays (that's cuz I've written them all down cuz I'm a smarty pants)

She makes shiny, delicious cupcakes

She's every member of the marketing team's first friend because she's so friendly and she's already stalked them on Facebook (oh you know it!)

She can target a marketing list like no spammer on earth

She makes fanny packs look cool (fanny packs are the new purse...didn't you know??)

She brought the see-through dress back in style (okay I have to clarify this...last year at a company event I was dirty dancing to K$sha unknowingly in front of a strobe light that was on the floor...thank God my knickers were fairly nice and new!)

She's our resident reality TV show expert - two-time winner of the Amazing Race pool (and came very close to winning a third time had my team not screwed up in the very last challenge!)

She knows how to get a killer deal on killer heels (3 words, Ross and TJ Max - all you need to know)

Give her 10 minutes, an elastic band and a paper clip, and she'll produce a winning webinar

She turned Ibiza into a family-friendly destination (this after I had sobered up from my first day all about that here)

She's North Van's most fashionable and fit'll see when she passes you on the Grouse Grind (very flattering but the only way I'm passing you is if I'm in the Gondola LOL)

She has a contagious laugh

She's a hidden gem - operating quietly behind the scenes, she always gets the job done

She will always rise to the challenge and is always professional and eager to help

She's a testament to growth and change - she's is quick to take on more and grow her skills

She makes the best of every situation and always puts her best face forward (I leave my worst face for when I get up in the morning...really just ask my boys when they see me in the morning when I've forgotten to remove my eye makeup)

This is me holding my AWESOME card with my mug on the front.

Seriously, this is the best list ever and I'm SOOOO touched. Did I mention that I work with the best group of folks EVER!!!!

Thanks Marketing team, and Company for 15 great years. It's truly a pleasure!

For lunch we headed out to Robson Street to try out the food cart vendors and sit on the new faux beach in front of the Art Gallery.

I had an awesome hotdog. Here's most of the gang stuffed after eating...and procrastinating the inevitable trek back to work. I got mustard and ketchup all over my three bracelets and down the front of my top. I'm a slob!


Mommy Inconsistent said...

Congats on turning 15! Oh, and there's a fake beach downtown? I never seem to get down there anymore ... I'm so out of touch!

Cyn said...

What an amazing blog you have! Happily returning the follow!


Barbara said...

15 years congrats! Your co-workers sound awesome to put together that great card and list!