Friday, September 16, 2011

Okay I Gotta Defend Vancouver Fashionistas

So in case you didn't know, Vancouver scored 3rd on the worst dressed city list next to Maui and Orlando, thanks to GQ Magazine's view of our famous yoga fashion wearing citizens.

It seems that Lululemon pants, seen on most ladies backsides strutting down Vancouver streets, are a fashion no-no.

According to GQ Magazine, we wear our Lulu pants all the time, to the store, running errands, etc. And not only that, many bottoms don't really look great in these tight fitting yoga pants...okay that's a fair statement, I agree.

Apparently, we're also wearing these totally comfy pants to work in offices. Okay another fair statement...keep the yoga gear out of the office space unless you're heading to the gym at lunch.

But I feel that I have to defend us yoga gear wearing "fashionistas".

Maybe for many of us it's not a matter of choosing this gear as an outfit to wear in places where perhaps a nice pair of jeans would be better suited. Perhaps we're actually wearing them for, oh you know...


I think I speak for many of us. If you're finished at the gym, or doing your workout, and on your way home you need to hit the Safeway for some groceries, you're not about to go home, do a quick change, then go right back out again. You have seen the price of gas, right?

And on that topic, this is Vancouver. We're a very fit city. Have you seen it? We've got plenty of running/walking areas, hikes, mountains to climb, yoga studios to go to. And I have heard that we're known for our very pretty (a'hem - blush) ladies. Perhaps that's because we don our yoga gear and exercise in it.

Namaste. It's time for my Shavasana.


Ciao Mama's said...

OMG so funny I did a post of the Lulu Cult a few weeks ago
LuLu is huge were I live in northern California we live in an area were we are always hiking, working out and doing yoga. So should check it out. BTW Lulu pants rock for exercise not wearing at the office.

Barbara said...

Maybe wearing them to the office is a bit much unless you work in a yoga studio. But I agree, if you are out in your workout gear to say work out and you have to hit up the store - you don't change. At least it's cute workout clothes - much better than an old t-shirt and gym shorts.