Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About Me

I've started a blog now...does that make me a blogger? Well whatever, I'm going to write about random stuff when I feel like it. This is my second intro. I've edited the first because I thought it stank. So let's see if I can make my random little self a little more interesting.

This is me:

- Born in London, UK
- Proudly Canadian living in sun...a'hem, rainy Vancouver
- Mother of two boys
- Wife of one husband...LOL I'm qualifying the "one" like just in case I'm into polygamy
- Working mother 4 days a week
- Love camping
- Love reading
- Been on about 15 cruises and can't wait to go on 15 more
- Picky about the music I listen to - I do appreciate all kinds but I'm getting tired of listing to hip hop and dance (oh god I'm my mother)
- Found out a few months ago that the band A-ha has been together all this time only to have just split up at the beginning of Dec. 2010. Like WTF I LOVed A-ha why did I only find this out now?
- Staying 39 years young for as long as possible
- Can burp any guy under the table - yes for real
- Master baker of cookies

And most importantly (haha):

- Love shoes
- Love to dress nice
- Love shopping at Ross and TJ Max in the States when I'm there


- Ironing
- Cleaning the bathroom
- That misty rain that makes you look stupid with an umbrella but totally wrecks your hair
- Idiot drivers

So as I sit here typing, and staring at Grouse Mountain dreading the fact that I'm going to have to get up the Grind within the next month, I'm looking forward to updating my blog with random stuff that I feel interested in. If you are interested in reading it, great. If not, well don't read it then.

Keep smiling :D


mom2kiddos said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. You're gonna love it!

KERRY said...

Hi!! I loved reading this, you sound like you have a great sense of humour!! I'm going to follow you :)
Have a good day!