Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Epic Vacation Part 1

Vacation is now over and it's kind of a bummer. This was a pretty epic one - 5 weeks away. I've never done this before and truthfully felt a bit guilty taking this much time off work at once. This one was about three years in planning. But thanks to my parents for taking care of our round trip flight from Vancouver to Europe and back, and the two weeks in St. Andrews, Scotland, we had ourselves a fabulous trip that took us to 5 different countries (once you're over there, inter EU flights are dirt cheap with Ryan Air and others).

So yours truly, along with hubby and boys, started our trip in London, England, my birth place, to do some sightseeing. I also wanted to show the boys where mother dearest was born.

So we did the usual touristy stuff - St. Pauls Cathedral, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, Covent Garden, Underground rides, Trafalgar Square, Double Decker bus ride, and trips to the local Tesco Express for food (£2.50 for a sammich, chips or chocolate bar, and drink - seriously can't beat that!).

Tower Bridge

The boys at the Olympic Countdown Clock in Trafalgar Square

The best part, tho, had to be the city squirrel being chased down city streets by vehicles (refer back to Frogger for additional proof that squirrels are dumb). Where the heck he came from in the middle of the concrete jungle I don't know, but amusing he was. He headed down one lane being chased by a VDub, only to turn around and get chased down another lane followed by a Black Cab. Was able to make a sharp left only to be met by a bus, did a phenomenal 360 flip two feet in the air to avoid said bus, and bolted in the opposite direction down the street and around a corner, being chased by the bus, never to be seen again. The whole time, we're standing at the bus stop with three other people, and we're all watching this action unfold and exchanging "oooh(s)", "aaahhh(s)", "watch out(s)", "run little squirrel, run(s)" wide eyed to each other.

It was awesome.

*I like to think the squirrel got away
**I tried to pay a visit to the Queen but she didn't accept my call
***I very nearly got kicked out of the Tower of London cuz I took a picture "near" the crown jewels...faux pax!!


Barbara said...

Such great pictures! Makes me want to go back to London!

Ojal Madhavi said...

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