Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One goal, one assist and very frozen toes

Soccer last Saturday.

Rainy and wet.

Complete lack of enthusiasm on my part standing under my umbrella.

Having a kid who plays soccer does not a soccer Mom make!

This is the last place I'd rather be on a wet, rainy Saturday morning, freezing my toes on the cold ground.

Not to mention my gloves are slowly growing wet from blowing rain.

And then, on my fingers and toes, the Raynaud's starts. Not sure what that is? Check it out here. The top left picture is really what my fingers look like.

The pain starts to become quite severe in my fingers - this is a regular occurrence for me in the wet cold - and concentration on the soccer game slips away.

"Mom, did you see the goal I just scored?"


"Yeah buddy, it was awesome!!"

Good lord, will this game ever end. It's all I can do to get blood flowing back to my fingers.

Into the second half of the game...

"Mom, I just got an assist, and helped Colin score a goal. Did you see it?"


"Yeah, great job setting him up for a goal!!"

And this production repeats itself every other Saturday (hubby and I rotate), from Sept, to about April (any amount of cold will set off my Raynaud's). Putting my hand in the freezer section of the grocery store sets it off.

But every other week I go with the boy to a game. He's a wicked little player but my stupid Raynaud's prevents me from having fun there during the fall and winter months.

Needless to say, both the boy and myself dove into the hot tub when we got home. Me to warm up. He to sooth his goal scoring 'mooscles'!

Icing on top - they lost the game :(

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Barbara said...

Oh no! That does not sound like fun. It's amazing that you still go out and support your son. Whether or not you watch the goals just seeing you there makes him feel so much better!