Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wet Leaves

Not sure if you've seen the Canadian Tire commercials (if you're Canadian anyway) where a family is enjoying frolicking around in their front yard, playing in the leaves on a lovely fall day.

Let me tell you the reality of leaf frolicking in doesn't happen.

There is no such thing as dry leaf piles in Vancouver.

In Vancouver, when the leaves start to fall, you know it's time for dreary weather.

As soon as there's a new layer of leaves on the ground, the rain starts. Rain makes for soggy leaves that you don't play in.

Once the rain stops, the sun will come out, the temp will drop, and the frost will cover everything outdoors and freeze it to the ground.

Frozen leaves make for extremely slippy conditions for walking and become Mother Natures death trap and there is no place to avoid them because they haven't been removed from the ground because prior to freezing, the rain has kept people indoors.

Once the temp goes up a bit, the frozen leaves thaw, but are now in a skeletal condition not worthy of anybody's time to clean up. These leaves leave a permanent brown stain on sidewalks and driveways which will eventually have faded at about the April time frame due to lots of rainfall.

So no Canadian Tire, we won't be playing in any leaf piles in our yard this season!

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Lindsey JD said...

Frost.covers everything! And I'm in seattle, so canada has got to be bad