Sunday, November 13, 2011

When and Where to Apply Your Face

Short answer? Not on the bus or behind the wheel of your car!

We've all seen ladies applying their faces while driving, or stopped at a red light. And we all know how stupidly unsafe this is. Not to mention, how accurate can you possibly get with your mascara, etc, while peering into your rear view mirror and driving over man holes.

But what I see everyday while on the bus are the same two girls putting on their entire faces once they take their seats. Out pops their entire inventory of beauty products and the face-putting-on begins.

Are you really this unorganized in the morning that you can't take an extra 10 minutes before you leave the house to do this?

Buses are bumpy, jerky vehicles and it's not uncommon to slip slide in your seat as the driver breaks, speeds up and travels over bumps in the road. How can you possibly be applying your makeup here without stabbing your mascara wand in your eye?

I can't even apply my own mascara while standing stock still without splotching it on my upper lid . If I even attempted this on the bus, I'd probably impale the person sitting next to me.

C'mon it at home.

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Barbara said...

I couldn't agree more, although I guess if I had to choose I would rather they apply it on the bus than while driving. I also cannot for the life of me apply mascara while standing still, I can't imagine ever trying to put it on while on a moving vehicle.