Monday, January 23, 2012

My 70s and 80s - Yes I'm Suffering from O. L. D.

I’m a product of the 70s. I never pictured the day, way back when, that I would turn 40. I thought 40 was old! Now I’m leaving my 30s behind forever and I’m not too sure how I feel about it.

So what better way to get totally depressed than to reminisce about the things I loved about the late 70s and 80s. I don’t like to reminisce for too long because it’ll just put me into a depressed funk where I try to bury said funk in chocolate and wine. Chocolate and wine tend to hang around my mid-section longer these days compared to when I was in my 20s – depressing me more.

Speaking of wine, I had an affection for it early on....

So here goes…things I grew up loving:

My Cabbage Patch Doll – I was lucky enough to get one of these (or I should say my parents were lucky enough to leave the store with all limbs attached carrying one. Much like riots getting into Apple Stores for the latest gadget, parents did the same to get these dolls. Many people were trampled in the process). Mine is named Alberta Louisa and I’m pretty sure she’s still around somewhere.

The Smurf’s cartoon – Kind of like Phineas and Ferb today, the Smurfs were yester’year. I loved Smurfette because she was a little blue diva.

The movie Flashdance – I think like most girls, we desperately tried to replicate those dance moves in the privacy of our bedrooms. However, for me this ended in epic failure. I can’t dance! Also, that sloppy-off-the-shoulder sweater and red heals that Jennifer Beals wore were totally hot!!!!

The Walkman – OMG, I thought I was so cool and hip sporting my Walkman with large headphones. I’d stock up on my favourite music cassette tapes (yes cassette tapes) and play them until the battery (yes battery) died. Then I’d have to go to the store to buy a new battery and do the whole thing again. The concept of rechargeable wasn’t quite there yet.

And speaking of music – My faves were Duran Duran, A-ha, Depeche Mode, Culture Club, early Madonna, and yes, ABBA….oh oh oh and Platinum Blonde.

Acid Wash Jeans – These horrid creations thankfully did not last long. But I did own a pair and unlike pants of today, they were worn above the belly button because that was the fashion then!

The Hair Scrunchie – Yes that material covered hair elastic, in various shades, that added lots of volume to your pony tail. I owned quite a few.

Friendship Pins – As in safety pin!!! You’d ever so slightly unbend the end curl to allow small beads onto it and then trade them with friends and display them on your acid wash denim jackets. Ack!

These were totally IN!

Life Cereal’s Mikey – "He likes it, Hey Mikey". Mikey was a little boy who was a very picky eater (like the supposed target market), but he loved Life Cereal, and therefore, so will your picky little eaters! See the commercial here.

"Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun". If you’re old like me,  you know what I’m talking about. You also know who Hamburgler and Grimmace are!

“Boss, Boss, de’plane, de’plane". Again, you know who I’m talking about.

I may as well end on a fun note. Here's one of my favourite Platinum Blonde songs because some things Don't Really Matter


Barbara said...

OH MY, the memories you just brought back. I have the same picture except for wine it's a bottle of beer. I was classy even back in the day! ;)

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Oh, I so know all that you speak of ... and I'm still in denial that I can't eat all the chocolate and drink all the wine I want and still have a flat stomach...where oh where did my metabolism go?

By the way, I've awarded you The Liebster Blog Award..just 'cuz. You can pick it up over on mine. :)

Gia said...

My sister STILL HAS A WALKMAN. Like, with a TAPE in it. And yes, she still tapes things off the radio. True story.