Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tummy Grumblies in C Minor

My stomach rumbles and growls all the time. It especially likes to do this when there is silence all around me.
Like when the bus makes its scheduled stop in Edgemont Village, the driver kills the engine, the silence hangs in the air...until my stomach interrupts the silence (oh God, please, not now!).
Deep, gurgling surround sound that is epically embarrassing, erupting from deep within my gut...just because (shuffling around in my seat hoping to make other noise to drown out the sound).
I’m not sure why my stomach does this. It’s not…you know… gas (no really, it isn't) or anything. It just makes noise very loudly (I think I need to look for something in my purse - shuffle, shuffle - zipping open and closed very loudly to drown out tummy sounds).
My stomach always grumbled in school, especially high school, during exams…you know, when the only sound in the room was other kids erasing pencil marks, shuffling papers, clearing throats…and my stomach (oh dear lord, the classroom echos and everybody probably thinks I'm farting).
My God, embarrassing!
My Mother, and Grandmother’s stomachs both erupted almost on-demand. Maybe this is hereditary.
I’ve laid on the ground and my boys have put their ears on my stomach…and laughed hysterically at the free concert.
I’m not sure why I feel the need to share this. Perhaps it’s just because it’s one of those strange things that our bodies do, and perhaps I’m not the only person who has a musical tummy.
I can tell you this. It's absolutely embarrassing (why God, why??).

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