Monday, June 6, 2011


...only with squirrels.

New game coming out of North Vancouver called "Stupid Squirrel" promises much action. Much like the game Frogger, where frogs leap from lillypad to lillypad, hoping to avoid the water, "Stupid Squirrel" features squirrels dodging cars and trying to avoid getting squished, run over, turned into road pizza, etc.

I got a preview of this game the other day while walking the boys to school...

Level Two features two stupid squirrels:

One on one side of the street, one on the other side of the street, each trying to cross the street to the other side without getting squished.

Squirrel one makes it past the green Honda to sit safely in the middle of the street, then changes his mind and dodges back to his home base. Alive.

Squirrel two sees an opening to race in front of a white van causing the white van to slam on its breaks and as a consequence, blue Mazda behind to slam on its breaks. Squirrel is safe in the middle of the road, and cars did not hit each other. 10 points for squirrel two.

Cars continue on and squirrel decides to play safe and make his way back to his home base. Alive.

Both squirrels decide to take their chances with fate and together they race to the middle of the street avoiding a bus, and a red Vee'dub. They meet in the middle, exchange congratulations on living then dodge-right-back-to-where-they-came-from-with-lightening-speed.

At this point the time runs out and the game ends. Both squirrels go their separate ways from where they came knowing that they've lived through a battlefield.

*no squirrels were harmed during this game demo
**no cars crashed while avoiding squirrels during this demo
**the rain held off and I didn't have to use my umbrella however my hair still got frizzy

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