Sunday, May 1, 2011

And The Best Part? The RELAY!!

This weekend was a very busy one for baseball. Saturday we had two practices for each of my boys. Sunday they each had a game. "E" my eldest was in the morning and unfortunately we forgot to bring the camera. So no pics. However, for "M" who's game was in the afternoon, we remembered the camera. Yay mom and dad.

"M" is in Farmball, one step up from T-Ball for grade two and three. He was ready for Farmball last year when he was in grade one T-Ball and was quite bored. So now that he gets to play real games in Farmball, he's on cloud nine. He's really quite good. Today his last position was pitcher and they were at the bottom of the 4th, last inning. The Stingers were already winning but the away team still had to get through batting line-up. "M" sealed the deal when at 2 strikes, the last batter hit the ball and "M" caught the airball smack in his mitt getting that last kid out. He was pretty puffed about it. 15-8 for the Stingers. Yay team!!

So although playing the game is awesome and the kids have a great time, the best part really is the relay the end. Each team lines up, one on home, the other on third and one kid from each team runs around the bases. First team to get all their guys back wins. And of course, the Stingers won (they're the fastest Farmball team in the league).

Here's "M" pumping his wheels:

He just took off from home plate. I think he needs a haircut. It's kinda flying in the breeze.

He's just rounded third and on his way home. Awesome pic, he's completely in the air.

So of course after the relay it's snack time. That's the second best part apparently too. I wish I was a kid again.

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