Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh Sh@t, we forgot the tent!

Words uttered by my hubby as we had just crossed the border into Blaine, WA on our way to Deception Pass campground two years ago. Words you don't want to hear. I'm mean, come on, the TENT for crying out loud.

You don't turn around, cross back into Canada to pick up the tent, then come right back again. Instead you go to Fred Meyer in Bellingham and pick up a brand new tent on sale for $80 USD. And this new tent is what I like to call a palace. We are a family of four. This palatial habitat sleeps 10. There's more habitable space per person in this thing than there is in my own house! Not only that, my 6'2 inch hubby can stand up in it with room to spare.

We're going camping down to Deception Pass on Whidbey Island this coming May long weekend. We go down every May to this truly picturesque place.

One of the two bridges leading onto the island. The rapids below are quite "deceptive" to boats, hence the name Deception Pass. The rapids can be deadly.

One of the beaches we like to wander along on the Northern side of the campground.

Another view of the bridges.

We love camping here every May. The truly awesome part about this area is that it's only approx 30 minutes from the outlet mall in Burlington, and 45 minutes from Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip. Camping / shopping, you know they kind of go hand in hand in my book. I usually stock up on shoes (go figure).

So here's hoping that we don't forget our palace, I mean tent, on Thursday when we set out south for this long weekend trek in the Grizwold mobile.

I'll be sure to take lots of "Grizwold" style pictures of our escapades because that's usually what we resemble on camping trips. Clark, Ellen and the kids!

Happy Camping!

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