Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ode to the toilet paper roll

Oh toilet paper roll, why do you sit there?

Where are you travelling to?

All alone on the bus, perched up high on a "This section is reserved for elderly or the handicapped" fold up seat, I wonder who put you there and why.

Does that human miss you?

Are you lonely up there on the seat. Do you get motion sickness when the bus lurches forward and back, side to side?

Why did you come from downtown and why are you heading to North Van?

Will you be able to reach the bell pull string when you want to get off at your stop?

Where exactly is your stop?

I wonder if you're one ply or two and if you only need 4 squares of you instead of 8 - are you absorbent?

I want to take your picture but I think it would look kind of on the bus across from you and a camera, what would people think of me. So I take a picture with my memory.

I get off at my stop and you stay on the bus. Will you be okay up there on your seat?

Will you get lonely when the bus empties of humans?

Goodbye toilet paper roll, hope you stay safe.

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