Friday, May 6, 2011

Hockey Night Door Sales Call Fail

So Thursday night the Canucks were playing game 4 against the Predators. Not sure about your house, but in mine, it's pretty much this...don't bug the hubby, don't talk to the hubby, don't ask the hubby questions, etc. Dinner is eaten in front of the television, the boys run to get beer out of the fridge, and a bag of chips lays open nearby for nibbling on. This is the playoffs after all.

So some dude walks up the driveway (we're hoping that he's just dropping something off in the mailbox) and rings the door bell. I'm momentarily occupied so can't get the door so hubby RELUCTANTLY gets up off the couch to get the door and make this dude depart and fast.

Ring, ring ring, hubby mouthing a few four letter words leaps to the door with one eye still on the TV

Man who wishes to end his life "Hi I'm with Telus, and blah blah blah your service blah blah blah introduce you to...."

Hubby puffing out his chest not to show off his pecks but to emphasize the fact that he's wearing a Canucks t-shirt FOR A REASON "No sorry I'm happy with our package..."

Man who has a death wish "We'll if you have a moment...(NO WE DON'T) may I introduce you to..."

Hubby with ear to the strange little man and eyes visibly turned to the TV where announcers are very vocal and loud (Luongo...Kesler...oh what a save...good night in hockey, etc, etc you'd have to be a moron not to hear) "I'm..sorry, sorry I'm happy with what we've got..."

Idiot who's about to get sucker punched in t-minus get the heck off my property now "Well if I could just let you know about...service...special...blah blah blah..."

Hubby in the process of shutting the door "No sorry I'm not inter (slam door) ested thanks"....runs back to the TV

So here's my message to you Telus, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Sending your minions out door to door during a playoff hockey game. Seriously?

Have you not read the papers? Have you not seen the news? Have you not seen the Canuck flags driving around with cars attached to them? Have you not seen Canuck jerseys in the Lower Mainland walking around with humans inside them?

Any idiot who ISN'T in marketing could tell you this perhaps isn't the best timing?

So he got sent packing with his tail between his legs and the Canucks won. All's good.

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