Friday, May 13, 2011

Kickin' it Old School at East Side Mario's‏

Thursday night we had dinner at East Side Mario's...don't judge.

So hubby got us three SwarmJam coupons for East Side Mario's Restaurant. $12.50 for $25 worth of food. Also, kids eat for $2 Sun-Thurs, so because "E's" 12th birthday is on Saturday, we decided to use one of the coupons on Thursday night and have a little pre-birthday dinner out.

We rarely eat out at all - I consider it a "disposable income purchase" (I prefer to dispose of my income elsewhere...ah'em shoes) that once you have children, becomes non existent. I'm very careful where I spend my money; I don't even buy my lunch at work, I bring it from home. So eating out is like a little outing for us.

So off we set for Lonsdale Quay where the only East Side Mario's is in North Vancouver. The entire place is packed with kids and parents - could be the kids eat for $2 deal. Heck that's cheaper than making dinner. The friendly host, wearing a staff t-shirt with "My Nonna can beat up your Nonna" printed on the back, took us to our booth seats where we proceeded to ponder the menu.

I didn't clue in until a moment of no talking with the fam that the restaurant background music was playing Corey Hart's Never Surrender. Man I haven't heard that song since highschool. Lord I feel old. I found myself tapping my feet as I was deciding between the Traditional Burger and the Philly Cheese Steak melt thingy. I knew I was going to "surrender" to the Philly Cheesy thing and it was a great choice.

The boys had their kids penne pasta, and Ed had a ginormous meal with two chicken thigh/legs, potatoes, and two servings of caesar salad and bread. Not sure where he puts it cuz he only weighs about a buck eighty-five. Could be the endless trecks up the Grouse Grind that keeps his metabolism going tickety boo...bastard!!!

As I'm manger'ing on my Cheesy Philly thingy I found myself starting to hum along to another "oldie" (used loosely because I consider an oldie pre 1960), Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins. My God, remember them? I was listening to them in grade 9 for crying out loud. This is an awesome song and it got me remembering another from them, Lay Your Hands On Me. Wicked!

We ended our meal with the boys eating their three mini ice cream cones that come with the kids meal. And what was playing? Bryan Adams, Straight from the Heart. Little known fact about Bryan Adams, he used to live in the house I grew up in, yeppers, he sure did. Went to my highschool and I was the second person to play the piano he donated to our school and rumour had it that this was the piano that he composed that very song on. A good 'ol North Vancouver boy!

Man, I'm so stuffed right now...or at least I was when I wrote this post!

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