Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why I Love Spring

Spring is my most favourite season of the year. It's the rebirth season celebrated around the world.

We celebrated Nowrooz with my Iranian neighbours across the street at the beginning of spring. Nowrooz essentially means rebirth. Their celebration was quite extravagant. In Japan, they celebrate the cherry blossom trees in a big way.

Here are some of the things I love about Spring.

All the new flowers blooming brightly in my garden, new buds popping up through the earth. (I have a black thumb; not sure where they came from)

Sunny crisp mornings wearing my sunglasses pulled from the back of a drawer and a coffee in my hand. (Sunglasses scratched and/or broken from being squished in the back of a drawer all year)

The cherry blossom trees with their pretty pink blossoms. (Oh so pretty...atchooooo, damn allergies)

Digging out my lightweight articles of clothing that have been hidden since the previous summer. (Crap, half of them don't fit)

Flip flops. (Yikes, momma needs a pedicure)

The birds outside my bedroom window tweeting away in their pretty language. (At 4 am in the morning, shut the hell up already)

Walks along the seawall because it's not too cold to do so in Spring. (Ahh the West Van seawall is very nice)

Freshly rained-on pavement. (Everyday because it rains everyday)

The first camping trip on the May long weekend. (Yay for camping. More about this year's adventure here)

Road hockey (8 year old said this one)

Emergence of the neighbourhood bears looking for garbage cans left out (12 year old said that one - we get about one every two weeks)

What do you like about Spring?


Shanae Branham said...

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Sarah said...

Love this post - I love Spring because I love watching all the birds come out. I don't love Spring because of all the bugs. Ick! Can't wait to read more posts!

Twisted Mummy said...

LOL I agree, bugs are gross. :D