Monday, May 16, 2011

This is the school calling, your son is in the nurses station...

My eight year old, "M", was complaining of a sore leg this morning. He tends to get growing pains now and again and from what hubby tells me, they are painful. I wouldn't know, I never got them.

So this morning, one minute "M" is complaining about his leg:  "I can't put my socks on, it hurts". The next minute, bouncing all around the living room. Back and forth, yoyo'ing this "hurts/doesn't hurt" relationship with his leg.

He was able to make the walk down the hill to school with no complaints.

So all is good until about 11:30 this morning when the school office phones me at work to say they have "M" in the nurses station because his leg is bothering him and his teacher told him to have the office call his parents. For the love of God!

I can't help thinking that this was some rouse by the boy child to play hooky from school. But that type of attitude has never even entered his consciousness. He loves school and gets excellent grades. If either of the boys ever pulled a stunt like that, I'd kill them. The only hooky I ever played was hiding in the girls washroom to skip running around the track at school...but I went right back to gym class once the track running was completed.

Boy child got picked up by Gramma and spent the rest of the school day there.

So I get home and the little shyster is standing in front of the TV playing NHL slapshot and begging to go to his baseball game because his leg feels all better now. Uhm, no we called the coach to say you won't be there because you had to leave school early.

And that's when the mini tantrum began. "I DON'T WANT TO MISS A GAME,,waaaaa!"

I appreciate the love of baseball and not wanting to miss a game, that's totally awesome! But dude, if you're going to come home from school because of a sore leg, baseball is out of the question. To me it's just a moral thing.

Did you ever play hooky from school? What did you do?

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