Sunday, May 8, 2011

5 Boys, Lunch and a Movie, Oy!

"M's" 8th birthday was a month ago and like last year, we were late in having his birthday party. Truth is, I was kinda hoping "M" would forget and it wouldn't happen (does that make me a bad mom?) but we decided to do a little something one month later anyway. Next year, I think it's over. "E" hasn't had one in a few years now (he's 12); non of his friends have had one either really. Parties just fizzled out. I'm totally okay with that.

We we invited three closest buddies and figured lunch and a movie would be best. The other "E", "L", and "S" (I refuse to use names on the Internet, therefore first letter) were all happy to come along. My two plus the three buddies...

So we sent to the WhiteSpot for lunch....

"S" was trying to be a superhero. He couldn't drink or eat with his face zipped up.

The other "E" made a crayon drawing on his kid's menu. Looks like the crayons barfed on the paper LOL.

Because we were heading to a movie after lunch and I didn't really want to bring a cake into the restaurant, I made cupcakes. It's supposed to look like a baseball with red stitches. That was kind of a fail but they tasted good anyway.

After lunch we went to see RIO in 3D. It was really good and quite funny. The boys behaved really well during the movie.

After, I drove the boys home. The other "E" farted in the car (stank) and there was a lot of screaming (my ears are still ringing), but the boys had fun.

I had a glass (okay two) of wine when I got home!

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