Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weerd Inglish - I can speek it good

Inglish iz a very straynj langwij. Itz supost to bee won ov the hardist too lern. Im not shoor wy; wee doughnt hav mascoolin or feminin werdz lyk French or Spanish. Our werdz just ar watt thaey ar.

Wee hav certin werdz that sound the same butt meen difrint things and they can bee hard to figer owt how too yooz them. Werdz lyk:

Their, There, They’re
Your, You’re
Too, To, Two
Its, It’s

C? Itz hard too figer owt how to yooz thees werdz corectlee wen speeking or ryting a sentins. Wee lern how to yooz thees werdz when wee ar in scool. When we ryt esayz we wil get les marcs if wee yooz thees werdz rong. Ar scool graydz depend on us lerning how too reed and ryt corectly. Yet manee timz I get eemalz that hav the rong yoos of thees werdz and the culpritz ar ushyooaly a persin hoo is hyer up then mee at werk.

Haow can a persin hav athoritee over mee and not noe haow to yooz propr Inglish? I doughnt get it. I fynd it straynj that I hav too correct the Inglish of my supeeriorz.

I can onlee hope that myee childrin yooz propr Inglish in thayr daylee livz, althoe the kidz ov todayee seem too hav thayer Iz glood to teeveez or sum typ of teknicle dee’veyes. Heerz hoeping that meyen grow up too bee nolejable ov ar Inglish.

Whew, that was actually hard!

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