Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet Rocky

So this is the long dead dawg, Rocky. I miss his little furry face!

Most people boast that "their cat is the cutest", or "their dog is the cutest", etc. As far as I'm concerned, Rocky was the cutest pooch ever, the best dog I ever had...okay so the first dog lasted all of a week, and Rocky was the second and last, but still, best dog ever.

I must have been in grade 6 when we got him from the West Van SPCA, as a 9 week old mutt. A cross between a Sheltie and a Cocker (I know who's laughing at that) Spaniel.

If you can look past the hideously barf worthy sweater I'm wearing, awww, he's so cute!

I remember when we did a camping trip down to the Grand Canyon in the Griswold Mobile. He'd hang over the back seat of our 70's era Pontiac station wagon breathing out his stank dog breath over my dad's shoulder. And when we drove up to a McDonald's drive through and ordered 5 ice cream cones, the drive thru clerk would count four humans in the car...??? Hey the dog wanted his treat too.

This is about as close as he'd get to the water. I dumped him over the side of a boat once (close to shore!!) so he'd have no other choice but to swim...right up to the shore, out of the water and as far away from the drink as he could get. This was a dog that would walk around puddles.

Rocky was put down at the ripe old age of 15. My oldest kid was about 4 months old and the only picture we have of them is "E" crying his little heart out and Rocky getting the heck away from the screaming poop stinking little human.

He's buried under a rose bush at my parent's old house where we grew up. That rose bush is still there (we've done drive bys) and it's growing big.

I'm working on my husband for us to get a dog. He's not much of a pet person. He'll tolerate a hamster, or a fish, but a dog, forget it. Maybe one day.

I'm about to poop. Would you mind looking away please?

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