Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Loser Cruiser aka, Public Transit

Oooohhh, I take a bus to work (shocking I know).

The idea of this post started with me sitting in traffic this morning on my bus trying to merge onto the Lions Gate Bridge. Apparently there was an accident on the Stanley Park Causeway and we were pretty much creeping along at a snail's pace. And because of the slow moving traffic, I had the opportunity to observe the North Van and West Van vehicles and the passengers in them. And what I saw was single occupant cars all around me. Not a single car had more than one person in it.

And this got me thinking, the attitudes of North Shore residents is pretty much snobbery towards public transit. They would rather drive their expensive cars into downtown Vancouver and pay astronomical parking rates, not to mention outrageous gas prices to run their enormous Escalades, then be seen in a bus. What gives? I don't consider myself any less that you snobs and I gladly take a bus to work every morning. Not only am I saving money, I saving the environment.

This snobby attitude of people has to change - it would be one small step in saving this planet. I guess these people would rather look good in their BMWs than look just as good in the bus. And there's really no excuse as far as lack of availability. The North Shore has the best transit availability, no matter where you live.

And while I'm on the topic, those parents who drive their kids to school and live three blocks from the school - I mean come on!!! Put your hood up, stick a hat on, grab an umbrella and get walking for Gawd's sake. Your hair will survive and there is such thing as waterproof makeup. It's really quite pathetic actually. You know that thing called exercise, where you're supposed to move your body, burn calories, and get healthy - severely lacking these days.

Well anyway, that's my rant over with. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this. I've had conversations with other mums too.

Next stop...

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